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Residential Phone Service That Goes Further

Why should a home phone stay at home? Answer yours anywhere with VoIP home phone service that includes premium features like bonus lines and mobile phone connectivity.

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True Flexibility

Link Multiple Phones or Numbers on One Account

  • Connect up to three phones — fixed or mobile, at home or away — to the same account; they’ll all ring when you get a call.
  • If you’re already on the phone, the extra devices can start a new conversation or answer a waiting call. 
  • Configure your lines any way you want: keep your number and add a new number anywhere in the world on the same phone.
Premium Features

Experience the Ultimate Range of Phone Services

  • Enjoy free calls to all Cloudli users and competitive long-distance options for the USA, Canada and 60 countries worldwide.
  • Turn missed calls into two-way messaging conversations.
  • Rely on our high-availability infrastructure with around-the-clock monitoring, security, optimization and redundancy. 
  • Get more out of your service: connect your home alarm system, receive your voicemail via email, read and reply to voice and text messages via the Cloudli app, engage in conversational messaging with other consumers, and more.
Compare Plans

Find Your Fit

Choose from flexible monthly plans and save up to 50% with Cloudli’s VoIP home phone service. No contract, no risk, no commitment.

Home Phone Lite

$12.95USD per month
Get a personal phone number without a pricey commitment. Plan includes:
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • 300 minutes of outgoing calls in Canada and the USA*
  • One phone number
  • Taxes, regulatory fees, and other applicable charges are extra.
    Subject to Cloudli Terms of Service and Fair Use Policy.
    Usage charges: 3.0 ¢/ minute for excess minutes to USA & Canada.
    * Excludes Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska
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Home Phone

For the local caller with occasional long-distance conversations. Experience free local calling, unlimited incoming calls, and low international rates.
  • Enjoy 500 minutes of long-distance calling in the US & Canada
  • Only spend 3 ¢ per minute for extra talk time in the US & Canada
  • Make affordable international calls at need
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Home Phone Lite

For the light user with infrequent long distance calls. Benefit from unlimited incoming calls and 300 minutes of outgoing calls in the US and Canada. You can also:
  • Call over 60 countries worldwide at low international rates
  • Only spend 3 ¢ per minute for extra talk time in the US & Canada
  • Expand your service based on your usage
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Transform Your Home Phone with VoIP

It’s so much more than a digital home phone. It’s an internet-based service that unlocks a new world of features, flexibility, and connectivity.

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