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UCaaS Solutions for
Small Businesses

Businesses need speed, security, scalability, control, advanced features and a great customer experience. The Channel can provide it all with Cloudli’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions for less.

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Why Unified Communications?

Experience the Ultimate Modern Business Phone System

Imagine a range of solution options built to empower today’s growing businesses: mobile apps that enable you to work from anywhere, business lines for voice and text messaging, contact center capabilities, text-enabled business landlines, shared company numbers, text message auto-replies and more. The future of work is here today. Help your clients join the revolution with platforms that bring together the best of business communications features to save them time, money and hassle.

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Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat and Bring your Clients to New Heights

Give your clients access to Cloudli’s apps for all the benefits of a business phone number on their smartphone — plus myriad other features. Set them up with a UCaaS platform with powerful calling, texting and contact center capabilities backed by a secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure. Help your clients shine by enhancing their customer experience. Allow them to get back to their customers faster with shared company numbers that keep the entire team in the loop. Configure business hours to limit work calls and texts to specific times, and text message auto-replies to send when they’re unavailable. With Cloudli, you can do it all, and more.

Dig into Cloudli’s Features for Small Businesses

With Cloudli, the Customer’s Always Right

Support Remote Team Enable your clients to work from anywhere with a UCaaS solution that seamlessly connects all their employees — at home, in different offices or on the road.
Customize Business Systems Cloudli allows businesses and their teams to use the devices they want — Mac, PC, Android or iPhone — while maintaining the control, separation and professionalism their business needs.
Eliminate Unnecessary Costs Help your clients minimize on-premises hardware to cut back on the costs of maintaining, scaling and upgrading their system. Allow them to enjoy Cloudli’s advanced features without up-front charges.

Survey Says... Customers Want Text

A Cloudli survey of 1,000 US consumers revealed that the ability to text SMBs is at the top of their wishlist. Read the survey report to learn what you need to know when it comes to customer communication preferences.

Read the Report
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Why Cloudli?

Be Your Clients’ Digital Transformation Expert

You probably have clients who have postponed their digital communications transformation to avoid the cost and friction of an upgrade. With Cloudli, you can help them make that transition easy while making sure they’re set up to scale easily in the future with extremely fast turnaround, highly responsive support and minimal capital expenditure.

Thousands of MSPs, Resellers and Businesses Trust Cloudli

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