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Cloud Communications That Help Small Businesses Thrive

Cloudli delivers always-on cloud communications that help SMBs keep pace with technology trends and evolving customer expectations

Where Innovation Meets Ease of Use: With Cloudli, SMBs Get the Best of All Worlds

The easy-to-use features that your business really needs, coupled with user-friendly support, for a cloud communications solution doesn’t take time away from your core business
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Unlocking New Opportunities in Cloud Communications

Disruptive Strategies to Grow New Revenue Channels for Your Business

What do customers want – really want – from their cloud communications solution? How does this answer change between small, medium and large businesses? And how can understanding these differences help you to generate more deals and grow your revenue base? 

Find out by listening to our webinar discussion led by our U.S. Channel Leader, Ryan Herrmann, and the Cloudli team!

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Business Unified Communications Features for Today and Tomorrow

Enjoy flexibility with a range of features designed with your business in mind

Icon_Alerts_Cloud Based and Cost Effective@2x Sky's the Limit Calling Take advantage of unlimited inbound and local calling, plus generous pooled outbound long distance calling minutes.
Icon_Connect_Customizable Services@2x Plans that Fit Mix and scale services based on your business requirements. Our flexible user types and add-ons can be configured to meet your precise needs and budget.
Icon_Connect_Cloud based Business Phone@2x Work-from-anywhere Cloud-based Apps Manage your communications from anywhere with powerful, cloud-based mobile, desktop and web-based apps that let you bring your business phone system with you wherever you go.
Icon_Connect_Platform Integrations@2x Must-have Integrations Leverage the power of an integrated solution. Connect your CRM, PBX, and other services with REST API custom integrations.
Icon_SMS Blasting@2x Text/SMS Capabilities Offer text messaging capabilities to your users. Use the mobile app, softphone, or web portal to send and receive messages. Work with experts to get your company in compliance with SMS requirements.
Icon_Connect_Enhanced Features Included@2x Total Call Control Configure self-serve call routing with the Auto-Attendant to decide who answers what, when. Set up a call queue to control call volume and minimize missed calls, and use Do Not Disturb to send everything to voicemail.
Icon_Connect_Connected Phones V2@2x Connected Phones All your Cloudli phones — desktop, smartphone and more — ring simultaneously; just pick up the phone that’s closest. You can also use call forwarding to ensure business calls go through to another number even if service is interrupted.
Icon_Connect_Fax From Anywhere@2x Fax From Anywhere Send and receive faxes from your desktop or mobile device, or through the Cloudli Connect portal. Easily save, print, forward and delete faxes received as PDF or TIFF email attachments.
Icon_Connect_Online Management@2x Online Management Log into Cloudli Connect from anywhere to manage your account, update your information, add new services, review call history and view your billing details. You can also change settings like call forwarding, waiting, voicemail and more.
Icon_Connect_911 Services@2x 911 Services Access 911 services quickly and securely with the confidence that Cloudli Connect has got your back. Note: Cloudli’s 911 service is different from traditional 911 services.
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Extend your Cloud Communications with Cloudli Alerts

Cloudli Alerts let your business communicate at scale, with ease. Send out business notifications – from business hour updates to special promotions to customer satisfaction surveys and more – via SMS, social media notifications, pre-recorded announcements and more, to get the right message to the right people, the right way – and quickly.

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Market Expertise

Icon_Restaurant@2x Restaurants Cloudli helps restaurants meet high demand and handle daily call surges by providing reliable communications with phone extensions in multiple physical locations.
Icon_Real Estate@2x Real Estate Our flexible call routing, auto answering of inbound inquiries, and storing of call recordings help businesses offer the experience their customers expect.
Icon_Automotive@2x Automotive Cloudli provides voice communications solutions with features like automated call routing and work-from-anywhere capabilities, giving dealerships the flexibility they need.
Icon_Medical@2x Medical We provide secure voice, text and fax communications that meet the needs of organizations in the medical field.
Icon_Hospitality@2x Hospitality Depending on requirements, hotels and hospitality businesses can opt for internal extension-based communications or room-based phone systems.
Icon_Legal@2x Legal Cloudli helps businesses meet specific regulatory and communications requirements with secure solutions that include features such as interactive voice routing and call recording retention.
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Compare Cloudli Connect Plans: User Types that Go Above and Beyond

Cloudli offers two user types that SMBs can mix-and-match to get the right features their business needs to thrive.

Scroll to the right on the table below to see how Cloudli's plans compare.

Feature Above Beyond
Call Hold
Call Logs (Missed / Placed / Received)
Call Reject / Silence
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Company Directory
Contact Directory
Do Not Disturb (DND)
DTMF Pass-Through
E911 Registration
Extension Dialing
Gold Tier Support
High-Definition Audio
Multicast Paging
Music On Hold
Overhead Page Integration
Phone Direct Intercom
Redial - Last Number(s)
Sky's the Limit Calling
Telephone Number
Time and Day Display
Call Forwarding (Always/Busy/No Answer)
Call Park/Retrieve-Pick Up
Click to Call
Conference - Three Way
Direct Station Selection (DSS)
Extension License Option
Find Me/Follow Me Management
Multiple Mailbox Greetings
Remote Call Pick-up
Single Number Access
Softphone (Desktop/Mobile)
Transfer (Blind / Consultative / Direct to Voicemail)
View Contacts with Status
Automated Attendant
Additional Voicemail Box
Call Recording Per User
250 GB Permanent Recording Storage
US/CA Toll Free Number
Additional US/CA Local Telephone Number
Extension User License

1 Sky’s the Limit Calling includes unlimited inbound and local calling with 1,000 pooled outbound long distance calling minutes per user; all calling is subject to Cloudli’s Terms of Service and Fair Use Policy.

2 Extension License includes the full feature set included with each Beyond user, a telephone number and E911 registration; extension licenses are subject to Cloudli’s Terms of Service and Fair Use Policy.

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