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Fax From Anywhere with Virtual Fax

Send and receive faxes by email or online using your desktop or mobile device.

Faxing Convenience at Your Fingertips

The days of sending a fax from the office or the nearest supply store are over.

Faxing Flexibility at your Fingertips Our highly customizable plans come with a variety of benefits and features you can take anywhere with you.
FAX for Small Faxing from Anywhere Send faxes directly from your email or an online portal accessible on any device. Integrate Virtual Fax with your workflows via Cloudli's API.
FAX for Email User-friendly Attachments Receive faxes as PDF attachments in your email inbox that you can save, print, delete or forward.
Icon_Choosing Number@2x Choose Your Faxing Number Keep your existing number, or get a new one in the U.S., Canada or internationally.
Icon_Service Reliability@2x Service Reliability Enjoy high availability and quality of service thanks to Cloudli’s redundant infrastructure.
Icon_Data Security@2x Data Security Cloudli’s Virtual Fax service encrypts data at rest and protects it from unauthorized access with strictly controlled roles and continuous tracking of all access attempts.

Go Digital with Cloudli

Whether you need simple remote hosting or a full-scale enterprise transformation, our flexible fax plans have you covered every step of the way.

Virtual Fax Lite

$4USD per month
Harness must-have functionality with fax-from-anywhere convenience. This starter plan includes:
  • 80 inbound or outbound fax pages per month*
  • Faxing over email on your desktop or mobile device, or through the Cloudli portal
  • PDF or TIFF email attachments that you can save, print, forward or delete
  • Availability across the USA, Canada and internationally**
  • Low international rates
  • 1 fax number (locations across the USA and Canada, or keep your existing fax number)
  • Taxes, regulatory fees, and other applicable charges are extraSubject to Cloudli Terms of Service and Fair Use Policy
    * Excess Usage Charges of $0.08 per page
    ** Excludes Alaska, Nunavut, NWT, and Yukon
  • Contact Sales
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Get the Convenience and Freedom You Need with Cloudli Virtual Fax

Cloudli makes faxing from anywhere easy. You can send and receive faxes via email or through the Cloudli portal, from your mobile device or computer. Inbound faxes are received as PDF documents that can be easily saved, printed, forwarded or deleted. Our flexible plans are designed to fit any budget and needs, whether it's for a single remote worker or a large enterprise with a hybrid workforce. For more details, download the brochure.

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Why Choose Cloudli for Fax?

Cloudli delivers secure and reliable IP fax solutions trusted to support some of the most demanding deployments

When it comes to fax, it just needs to work. Cloudli's depth and breadth of experience with IP fax means our customers benefit from high deliverability and rigorous security.

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Discover a Reliable Real-Time Fax Service

Cloudli transforms fax with affordable, scalable fax-over-IP solutions. Schedule a demo today to learn how to go digital without sacrificing the core capabilities that enable your faxing operations.

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