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Gavin Macomber President and CEO
Gavin Macomber As President and CEO, Gavin is focused on accelerating Cloudli’s growth and vision for the future of work by providing customer-centric solutions for every phase of the business communications journey. Prior to joining Cloudli, Gavin transformed a series of telecommunications and SaaS businesses from mid-market providers to market-leading enterprises, including companies such as Vonage and First Orion. Connect with Gavin
Chris Van Wagoner COO
Chris Van Wagoner As Chief Operating Officer, Chris Van Wagoner is responsible for delivering operating excellence across Cloudli’s product, technology, customer support, and customer success arenas. With 25+ years' experience helping transform technology companies into category leaders, Chris brings his unique strategic, operational, and leadership skills to Cloudli from the ConnectMeVoice acquisition. Connect with Chris
Elinor Johansen SVP, CMO and Head of Sales
Elinor Johansen As SVP, CMO and Head of Sales, Elinor helps businesses discover their potential with Cloudli’s future-focused solutions. She brings over a decade of experience in telecommunications and SaaS evangelization, including marketing leadership roles with Intrado Enterprise Collaboration and Life and Safety, Cogeco Connexion and viiz communications. Connect with Elinor
Jonathan Schacter SVP and CFO
Jonathan Schacter Jonathan is Cloudli’s entrepreneurial CFO, spearheading strategies and initiatives to support the company’s growth. He brings more than three decades of experience to the team, and has worked with private accounting firms and start-ups alike to align financial goals with business performance. Connect with Jonathan
Scott Seltzer General Manager, ConnectMeVoice
Scott Seltzer Scott is the GM of ConnectMeVoice team, and joined Cloudli through the ConnectMeVoice acquisition. With rich experience as an owner, operator and entrepreneur, Scott leads the team with a relentless focus on customer and partner satisfaction. Connect with Scott
Khaled Tewfik SVP and CIO, Network Connectivity
Khaled Tewfik As SVP and CIO, Network Connectivity, Khaled translates Cloudli customer requirements into reliable, responsive and modern solutions that allow businesses to address even their most complex pain points. He is an expert in T.38 real-time fax, unified communications, SIP and other telecommunications technologies. Connect with Khaled
Gaëtan Sheridan SVP and CTO
Gaëtan Sheridan As CTO, Gaëtan leads Cloudli’s development team to deliver the ultra-modern solutions that enable the future of work. His focus is on creating easy-to-use, customer-centric products that empower better communication regardless of how you choose to connect. Connect with Gaëtan
Mike Di Perno VP, Fax Channel Partnerships
Mike Di Perno As VP of Fax Channel Partnerships at Cloudli, Mike helps organizations implement robust and HIPAA compliant fax solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the fax business, Mike is a third-generation entrepreneur with a proven track record. He is the founder of Xmedius, and held leadership roles throughout his career where he specialized in launching early-stage high tech companies. Connect with Mike
Rick Boyd VP of Sales and Business Communications
Rick Boyd Rick oversees the sales, account management and business development teams while helping Cloudli refine and expand its channel programs and offerings. Rick’s history in the channel spans more than three decades, where he previously held executive positions at Vbrick, Talkdesk, 8x8, ShoreTel, VeriSign and Mitel. Connect with Rick
Jill Ram Head of Human Resources
Jill Ram As Cloudli’s Head of HR, Jill oversees Cloudli’s HR strategy and core areas of the department. She brings over 20 years of HR experience while previously holding positions such as Vice President, HR for Haivision, Genetec and Cineflix Media. She also worked as a Senior Consultant, Strategic Business & HR Advisor for numerous clients. Connect with Jill
Craig Collett Head of Products
Craig Collett Craig brings more than 21 years of business experience, and possesses a solid background of accomplishments in mobile product development, business analyses, solutions architecture and project management. Craig’s ability to think outside the box makes him an inspiring and engaging leader whose experience in the business sector extends across the U.S., Canada and South Africa in various industries. Connect with Craig
Adriana Spinache Financial Controller
Adriana Spinache Adriana helps Cloudli streamline its financial workflows by managing all accounting and financial operations, as well as providing accurate and critical financial forecasts. With over 25 years of experience, she plays an essential role in the accounting department. Connect with Adriana
Claude Beaulieu Director, Cloud PBX and Alert Sales
Claude Beaulieu With more than 30 years of experience in the management of telecommunications sales, Claude joined Cloudli as part of the OMNIVIGIL acquisition, where he managed the distribution network and ensured the establishment of strategic partnerships. He now leads Cloudli’s Cloud PBX and Alert sales team, helping customers across North America access robust communications functionality tailored to their needs. Connect with Claude
Frank Seltzer Channel Chief, USA
Frank Seltzer Frank Seltzer is the Channel Chief for Cloudli's ConnectMeVoice solution. A graduate of Penn State University with a degree in cybersecurity, he started in the IT services industry as an intern and served in several roles before assuming his current position. Frank's main focus is helping channel partners bring world-class communications capabilities to virtually any organization. Connect with Frank
Cesar Hernandez Director, IT Infrastructure
Cesar Hernandez With more than 27 years of experience, Cesar has worked in the telecom, systems and networking engineering fields, holding multiple positions as Senior Software Developer & Senior Systems Architect over the years. He’s one of Cloudli’s top subject experts for SIP Trunking, IP Fax, VoIP and other IP telecom technologies. Connect with Cesar
Rémi-Xavier Duquet Director, Product Integrity
Rémi-Xavier Duquet As director of Product Integrity, Rémi works closely with the backend development team to ensure the product usability responds to customer needs. With more than 20 years of experience at Cloudli, he has extensive knowledge of the various company processes, such as business policy, billing, service maintenance and deployment, account provisioning, and QA. Connect with Rémi
Nauman Qureshi Director, Customer Success
Nauman Qureshi Nauman has been in the voice industry for over 12 years where he’s gained experience working in the field installing on-premises and cloud systems. He also worked with leading global VoIP manufacturers such as Avaya and Panasonic where he participated in UCaaS launch projects. As Cloudli's Director of Customer Success, he and his team help agents with onboarding clients and streamlining sales processes. Connect with Nauman
Jason Palecek Director, Sales & Strategic Partnerships USA
Jason Palecek Jason is responsible for Cloudli's U.S. sales strategy, account management and customer experience. Prior to joining Cloudli, Jason spent 17 years in the telecom industry, where he served in various sales roles and has been recognized as a top sales executive eight times. Jason specializes in building and growing high performing sales teams through a leadership model that creates a winning culture. Connect with Jason
Pierre St-Germain Director, Research and Innovation
Pierre St-Germain With more than 20 years of experience in telecom and technological innovation, Pierre leads the design, development and operations for many of Cloudli’s critical systems and is a fellow inventor of various patented Cloudli technologies. As a passionate leader who brings professionals with various skillsets together, he strives to reach new heights by surpassing set goals. Connect with Pierre
Jessica Bartolacci Director, Marketing
Jessica Bartolacci As Marketing Director, Jessica and her team help Cloudli make its mark in the public space. With over 10 years of corporate and agency experience in information technology, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, she specializes in project management, public relations, digital marketing strategy and lead generation. She previously held marketing roles at Intrado Life & Safety and Rolf C. Hagen Inc. Connect with Jessica
David Lublink Director, Solution Architecture & Software Development
David Lublink As Director of Solution Architecture & Software Development, David strives to push the limits of Cloudli’s suite of products and what they can offer to customers. Passionate about technology, David has acquired over 25 years of experience in technology with profound knowledge of customer requirements. Connect with David
Félix Éthier Director, Backend Services
Félix Éthier As Director of backend services, Félix leads the development of new services and data integration between them. He focuses on the global architecture as well as development and data pipelines. Felix joined Cloudli as part of the OMNIVIGIL acquisition and brings his expertise in high-availability distributed systems. Connect with Félix
Scott McHardy Director, Technical Services
Scott McHardy As Director of Technical Services, Scott heads Cloudli’s technical services organization. With his team, they provide technical service and support to customers, partners, and resellers. Scott brings a wealth of technical services management experience from his time at HiveMQ and Avaya. Connect with Scott

Board of Directors

Michael Arblaster Partner, CPS Capital
Michael Arblaster Michael is a founding partner at CPS Capital, and a seasoned executive who has led companies like Windley Ely, Globalfaces Direct and others through significant business expansion and transformation. Prior to establishing CPS Capital, Michael was in the mergers and acquisitions group of TD Bank, where he advised on over $5 billion in transactions across multiple industries. Connect with Michael
Jeffrey Tung Partner, CPS Capital
Jeffrey Tung As a founding partner at CPS Capital, Jeffrey has invested in - and accelerated the growth of - a wide range of businesses including WIndley Ely, KGK Science, and others. As well, Jeffrey was part of the founding management team of Auxly Cannabis Group, a Canadian publicly-traded company, and has served on three public company boards on behalf of Auxly and independently. Connect with Jeffrey
Jason Fenn Partner, CPS Capital
Jason Fenn Jason is a partner at CPS Capital who founded and advised numerous successful enterprises over the course of his career. Prior to joining CPS, Jason held senior leadership roles at Fiera Capital and CGOV Asset Management and practiced law at the firm of Rohmer & Fenn, focused on corporate and commercial law and litigation, including advising on over $150m of private M&A transactions and reorganizations. Connect with Jason
Kuba Soltysiak Vice President, CPS Capital
Kuba Soltysiak Kuba Soltysiak is Vice-President at CPS Capital and became Director, Corporate Development with Cloudli in 2021 to help grow the business through strategic acquisitions. Prior to joining Cloudli, he operated a single acquisition private equity vehicle and held the Portfolio Manager position with a major Canadian mid-market private equity firm. Connect with Kuba
Gavin Macomber President and CEO
Gavin Macomber As President and CEO, Gavin is focused on accelerating Cloudli’s growth and vision for the future of work by providing customer-centric solutions for every phase of the business communications journey. Prior to joining Cloudli, Gavin transformed a series of telecommunications and SaaS businesses from mid-market providers to market-leading enterprises, including companies such as Vonage and First Orion. Connect with Gavin

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