How Associations and Members Can Benefit from a Cloud Business Phone

July 21, 2023

Associations play a vital role in gathering, mobilizing and equipping people who have common interests, but they also offer key benefits to members at group discounts.

A cloud business phone solution is something every association should consider, both for their own use and for their members. It’s the best communications option for today’s mobile-minded professionals, accessible from any place and any connected device and with a high level of reliability.

As you consider cloud-based phone solutions for your association and its members, make sure the one you select includes the most useful and in-demand features for today’s communications needs:

1. Texting

We all know texting has become one of the primary ways people communicate in their personal lives, but it’s also extremely popular as a business communications tool. In one consumer survey, 93% of consumers who support local businesses said they want to have both text and voice options to communicate with them, depending on the circumstances. That means every organization needs a business phone solution that offers a texting option without having to pay for a separate subscription or log into multiple apps.

Associations can use texting to communicate information to their members, while members can text with their customers or clients about appointments, products, orders, special offers and more. Some cloud business phone plans even allow SMS/MMS messaging of media files like photos, which can expand communications options further.

With a cloud communications solution, messaging can take place from any cloud-connected device: smartphone, computer or tablet. You simply log into the app, draft the text and select recipients from your contact list. It’s easy!

2. One Channel, Multiple Extensions

Associations need a dedicated phone number with multiple extensions, all of which have advanced functions. That keeps costs reasonable while still giving your association and members the ability to answer calls remotely, communicate by text, jump on a conference call with team members or transfer calls to another department, whether in or out of the office. It also prevents employees from having to use their personal line to conduct business when they are on the go.

3. Unlimited Calling

Avoid plans that charge for every call, which can add up quickly and leave you and your members hesitant to use calling even when it’s needed. With a plan that offers unlimited, cloud-based calling across Canada and the U.S., users can make calls anywhere in North America without worrying about international phone charges.

4. Contact Centre

In addition to phone and texting services, every business or association should take advantage of cloud-based tools that use automation to enhance communications and optimize staffing. Look for a service provider that offers complementary modules that can take your business activities up a notch, like a robust Contact Centre that offers a suite of expanded functionalities provided as a SaaS service layered over VoIP technology. Here are a few examples of what a Contact Centre module may include:

  • Call queueing – A virtual call queue feature can help manage the load when things get especially busy. While callers are waiting to be served, the business or association can play recorded messages with helpful information. Callers can also be given the option to leave a voicemail and have their call returned later; or to choose automatic callback, which will keep track of the order of callers and initiate a return call when it’s their turn.
  • Smart Call Routing– Need an extra set of hands? What business or association doesn’t! With Smart Call Routing, businesses can optimize how callers are matched to agents using rule-based routing, and allow callers to speak directly with the agent who is best suited to answer their questions. Routing strategies make it possible to route calls into different queues and assign calls to agents based on language and specific skill sets.
  • Training tools – Associations and businesses can equip their customer service agents to do the best job possible through tools  for self-evaluation, as well as listening and whispering tools that let supervisors participate in a customer interaction or record a conversation so they can offer constructive feedback.

A cloud business phone solution is a must-have asset for all associations and their members, allowing them to communicate from anywhere, by text or voice call, and with automation tools to streamline customer service functions. Cloudli Connect provides all these benefits and more, at the competitive price point you and your members need. Why not try it for your association and offer it as a benefit to your members?

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