5 Reasons your SMB Should Switch to Unified Communications

February 15, 2022

Cloud telephony offers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) new tools and applications to achieve their communications needs. In addition to telephony, unified communications incorporate other technologies that help increase productivity. These technologies and apps were once limited to large companies – now, they’re helping SMBs perform better, while simplifying their internal and external communications. Read on to learn five reasons why your business should move to unified communications.

1. It's Cost-Effective

Unified communications are less expensive than a traditional wired system. Numerous factors make this technology cost-effective, such as reduced long-distance costs and the ability to use multiple communication channels like instant messaging. Internal IT support staff isn't necessary with unified communication systems, reducing the cost of support resources.

Another cost-related benefit with unified communications is that it requires less equipment and space, and consumes less energy. Deciding to move your company to unified communications could lead to reducing your telecommunications equipment by half or more in some cases, thus decreasing the costs of implementation and infrastructure significantly.

2. It's Highly Flexible

The ability to scale your operations with unified communications is a major benefit as it can adapt to the changing needs of your business. Its flexible technology adjusts easily to business seasonality or peak times, allowing you to add or remove users as required. You don’t need to purchase additional equipment or plan replacements. Simple updates, carried out remotely by your supplier, are all you need to adapt your unified communications to the various changes in your organization.

3. It Increases Productivity

Unified communications offer much more than just cloud telephony. These solutions can also include email, voicemail, fax number, web conferencing, audio and video functionalities, and instant messaging.

Since all these tools are on the same platform, employees can quickly and easily change their method of  communication without having to open a new application. Users can contact others without disrupting the task at hand by choosing the most appropriate communication channel at that given time, like sending a quick instant message for a fact check, or starting a video call for an impromptu brainstorm.

4. You Can Work From Anywhere

Unified communications provides employees with easy access to all their communications tools, even when they’re on the go or out of the office, via their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Users are easily reachable and can respond quickly to messages or emails sent to them, enabling them to manage their business and workload from virtually anywhere.

5. You're In Control

Regardless of where your employees are working, unified communications adapt to your business activities. Mobile employees have easy access to all their work tools anytime and anywhere with the device of their choice. Your business flexibility increases, and you can communicate with your various stakeholders as effectively as if you were in the office.

If your business operates globally, having all your employees on the same technology and using the same tools greatly simplifies IT management and support efforts.

Switching to Unified Communications

Unified communications should become an essential part of your communication strategy given the reliability and cost-efficiency of these technologies. Traditional communication strategies are losing their popularity to the rapid digital transformation of businesses.

If your SMB hasn't deployed a unified communications strategy yet, getting a personalized demo from our team can be your starting point. You’ll see first-hand how your business can increase employee productivity while centralizing your communications onto one platform. Your employees will be able to work effectively even when remote. You’ll enjoy substantial savings by streamlining your business communications and benefit from a flexible and customizable solution.

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