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Notifications to Keep Everyone Informed When it Matters Most

Send business notifications, mass messages and emergency alerts with Cloudli OMNIalert to easily reach everyone the right way at the right time.

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Notification Services for Any Type of Audience

You may need to send a boil water advisory to your citizens, inform factory workers of a hazardous situation, or mass notify your parents, teachers and students of a new protocol. Whatever the reason for your mass notification needs, Cloudli’s suite of notification and alert services will help you address everyone the right way at the right time.

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Quick and Effective Notifications

Inform everyone in your company or update your clients and citizens using the right channels at the right time.

Icon_Alerts_Multichannel Notifications@2x Multichannel Notifications Reach your stakeholders according to their preferences and communication habits. Communicate quickly and effectively, in all circumstances, using all available channels of communication, such as SMS, email, phone call, automatic posting to social media, web browser push notification, etc.
Icon_Alerts_Notifications using Geomatics@2x Notifications using Geomatics Precisely target your contacts using a powerful set of geomatics tools, so they receive the right message wherever they are.
Icon_Alerts_Easily Manage Preferences@2x Easily Manage Preferences Your citizens, employees or stakeholders can update their information and manage their notification subscription using the web portal.
Icon_Alerts_Reliability You Can Count On@2x Reliability You Can Count On Our fully redundant telecommunications is designed to withstand the most demanding criteria of availability on the market. Its redundant architecture offers superior high availability regardless of the circumstances.
Icon_Alerts_Cloud Based and Cost Effective@2x Cloud-based and Cost-effective Cut back on hardware and maintenance costs with a notification service that is fully cloud-based, eliminating the need for additional equipment or installation.
Icon_Alerts_411 Directory Import@2x 411 Directory Import Don’t start from scratch – get a basic database using the 411 Directory Import service to communicate with your contacts using location-based telephone data.
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Powerful Technology for your Notification Needs

Start Notifying Your Audience Quickly
The Right Way

Transform how you mass communicate to your recipients and see what Cloudli OMNIalert can do for your organization. Contact our Sales team for the right service and pricing plans.

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