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Real-Time Fax Savings: Mark Anthony Brands

Mark Anthony Brands Optimizes Fax Infrastructure and Saves with Cloudli.

The Challenge

Mark Anthony Brands is a leading privately-owned importer and distributor of fine wine, premium beer, and specialty beverages in Canada. 

With three offices located across the country, the company needed to virtualize their fax service to centralize fax administration, improve fax communications, and reduce fax-related costs.

About Mark Anthony Brands

Mark Anthony Brands is the leading privately-owned importer and distributor of fine wine, premium beer, and specialty beverages in Canada. The company is built upon a foundation of true entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and deep respect for brand building. It proudly represents many of the world's leading brands, providing seamless service from producer to consumer, from coast to coast.

The Solution

Mark Anthony Brands eliminated its legacy fax infrastructure and upgraded to RightFax 10 with Dialogic SR140, using Cloudli real-time T.38 trunks.

  • Eliminate the physical fax board and associated maintenance costs
  • Virtualize and upgrade to RightFax 10 with Dialogic SR140 software
  • Implement Cloudli real-time T.38 trunks to eliminate the costs and management burden associated with legacy PRIs

How Cloudli Helped Mark Anthony Brands

Cloudli helped Mark Anthony Brands save nearly 40% annually on fax costs.

From Our Customers

With help from Cloudli and their partner, LANslide Integration Services, we upgraded RightFax from a PRI-based solution to a SIP trunk-based solution realizing cost savings of over $6,000 per year. By utilizing SIP trunks for faxing, we were able to virtualize the RightFax server on our existing VMware cluster giving us better performance, scalability, disaster recovery and management capabilities. With the old PRI solution, we were unable to add local fax numbers for offices outside of the head office where RightFax is situated. Now with Cloudli SIP trunks, we have the ability to provide users with local fax numbers in virtually any city in North America.

Cheng Ngan
Senior Network Administrator, Mark Anthony Brands

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