Mobile First: Christie’s Office Plus

Christie’s Office Plus aligns teams on the road, and gets answers fast using Cloudli.

Christies_The Problem
The Challenge

Christie’s team were having difficulties reaching each other in a timely way.

Team members would miss calls to their desk phones when they were away from their desks. Managers didn't know how to always reach out-of-office team members. They weren't sure when it was appropriate to call a team member's personal numbers. And, calling multiple numbers for the same team members was wasting a lot of time.

Christie’s also faced challenges coordinating teams while on the road. With no way to contact team members at the same time, syncing plans was time-consuming and difficult. These communication challenges resulted in key decisions being delayed. And these challenges also resulted in making it difficult to coordinate remote work.

About Christie's Office Plus

Christie’s Office Plus is an office and educational supply store chain. Founded in 1881, in Brandon Manitoba, it serves customers across Western Canada.

The Solution

Christie’s Office Plus implemented the Cloudli app to streamline communications between each other and with customers, directly from the user’s smartphone.

  • iOS, Android and Desktop apps mean that your business phone is with you wherever you go.
  • Business texting and calling are unified in a conversation timeline view to facilitate 360° visibility.
  • Ease of set-up and user-friendly features like pre-loaded contacts make it easy for teams to hit the ground running.

How Cloudli Helped Christie’s Office Plus

Cloudli helps Christie's align travelling team members and speed up decision times.

From Our Customers

Cloudli lets me feel connected to the staff no matter where I am or they are. It’s the easiest and best way to stay in touch with key team members, especially when we need fast responses. It is way more effective than calling their desk phone, then their cell phone, then their hotel phone….

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