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Put Texting to Work
For Your Business

Get Cloudli TalkNText, the first single-subscription app to combine Business Texting with business voice.

How it Works

93% of Consumers Want to Text and Talk with your Small Business

If you run an SMB, chances are that your current phone system today doesn’t let you communicate the way your customers want. When it comes to contacting businesses, customers don’t just want to call - they want to be able to text you, too. With Cloudli, you can connect with your customers, however they choose.

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New Feature

Cloudli Launches AI-Powered Call Screener

Cloudli TalkNText is the first unified communications service to offer AI-powered call screening capabilities for business users across iOS, Android and desktop devices

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Small Businesses Can Save Up to 50%* Over Industry-leading Messaging and Voice Providers with One Monthly Subscription

Cloudli TalkNText is the first single-subscription app to combine Business Texting with business phone - eliminating the need for SMBs to maintain two separate, costly subscriptions. See TalkNText Pricing

Scroll to the right on the table below to see how Cloudli's plan compares to the competition

Cloudli RingCentral Textellent Vonage Dialpad Google Voice Zipwhip Text Request
Dedicated US or CA Phone Number
Unlimited Calling
Team Messaging
2-way Conversational SMS**
Enhanced Business SMS**
(text-enabled landline, SMS broadcasts, text auto-replies, etc.)
Shared Phone Numbers
Plan Cost for Four Users, Per Month*
Savings with Cloudli TalkNText*

All information provided as-is with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information. *Savings and feature claims based on comparison of monthly pricing plans for four users, published on competitor websites or other publicly available sources as of May 18, 2023. Some competitor plans may include additional features, including but not limited to video and audio conferencing, and direct dial numbers for each user. All product names, logos, brands, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. **Usage limits may vary by provider. †Total cost reflects the service provider’s plan for four users with the addition of business texting ($59 USD) or voice ($20 USD) service.

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Case Study

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating

Find out how Cloudli made it easier for the One Hour Air Conditioning dispatch team to communicate with its field technicians, while streamlining internal workflows and keeping the phone lines open for customers who are calling to make new appointments.

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What TalkNText Customers Say...

With Cloudli TalkNText, I was able to text-enable my existing business phone number so I could start receiving and replying to client and candidate text messages. Once I implemented Business Texting, I realized that I had been missing messages that people had been sending to me. Now, I am better able to connect with my clients and people I’m trying to reach - which is essential to run my business and provide responsive client and candidate support in this competitive job market.

Jeff King | President | RQFocus

We’ve been impressed with Cloudli’s business phone and texting app which allows our staff to more easily communicate with customers and team members alike - even when we’re not in the office. In addition, Cloudli’s support team went above and beyond to procure a local phone number for our upcoming location in Dublin, Ireland. Now customers in Dublin will be able to call our team and we can answer using the Cloudli app, no matter whether we’re in the US or in Ireland.

Stephen Kennedy | Owner | School of Rock, Greenwich, CT

Cloudli has made it easier for our dispatch team to communicate flawlessly with our technicians in the field. Sending purchase order numbers & job information is so much easier for both parties. It allows our technicians to communicate with us throughout the day without clogging up our phone lines. The Cloudli team has been exceptional to us as well. They stay in contact, update us with new changes, as well as probing us for future ideas to make Cloudli better for us. The team members at Cloudli have gone above and beyond to meet our expectations and have successfully kept up with our needs.

Tabatha Macneill | Dispatch Manager | One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, Ben Franklin Plumbing, Mister Sparky

New Feature: AI-Powered Call Screener
Always Know Who’s Calling, and Why

Call Screener from Cloudli is the first business phone app that tells you not only who's calling, but why they're calling. Get contextual information on every incoming call with AI-backed technology that prompts callers to state their name and the reason for their call. Watch our video to see how it works!

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Talk or Text? Why Not Both?
Give the people what they want

78% of consumers say that the ability to text small businesses makes it easier to support them. Cloudli's TalkNText solution lets you text back and forth with customers and clients on your business line, so you can communicate in realtime however your customer wants.

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Keep everyone in the loop
Put your team to work

Get back to clients and customers faster, with shared company numbers that keep the entire team in the loop. Whether clients are calling or texting, anyone with access to the shared number can respond - and everyone can see the conversation thread and pick up where they left off.

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Text-enable your Landline
Turbocharge your existing number

Already have an established business line with another provider? No problem! We can text-enable your existing business phone number without porting over the service. You can send and receive customer texts through the Cloudli app, and continue to get calls on your existing service.

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Add more users for less
Wave goodbye to pricey plans

Have you noticed that so many business phone solutions end up costing an arm and a leg as your business grows? Us too. That's why we've priced our plans to include the users you need - and made it cost-effective to add more users as your business scales.

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Level Up Your Business With Cloudli TalkNText

Empower your team to deliver a better customer experience.

text enabled business Line_96x96@2x Text-Enabled Business Number Customers love text. But don’t clutter your personal inbox with client correspondence. Let customers text your existing business landline - via the Cloudli app - for convenient communication anytime. You can also text-enable your existing toll-free number, or choose an entirely new business number.
team communication tools_96x96@2x Shared Business Number When the team can share a number and see the latest texts and calls, everyone's on the same page. Shared business numbers let your team see and respond to customer inquiries - phone calls and texts - as soon as possible.
Icon_Call Screener@2x Smart Call Routing and Ring Options Manage how your incoming communications are handled by routing calls and texts to specific team members. Configure ring options for when your number is available, muted or outside of business hours.
text message auto replies_96x96@2x Text Message Auto-Replies, Keywords and Templates Don't make customers and clients wait. Customize text auto-replies for missed calls and texts, whether you're on the clock or it's after hours. Create different response templates to send relevant and specific information with keyword-generated text messages. Include links that lead back to your website or requests to leave a review.
Icon_SMS Blasting@2x SMS Broadcasts Send group or mass text messages to your contacts in your address book or via an import for marketing or informational purposes. Start individual messaging threads when a contact responds to your group or mass text message.
separate business and personal_96x96@2x Separate Business and Personal Keeping work and your personal life separate can be a challenge. Cloudli TalkNText gives you a dedicated business number via an app on your computer and mobile device so it's easy to see what calls and texts are personal, and which ones are for business.
total call control_96x96@2x Total Call Control Never get overwhelmed by calls again. Set business hours to decide when you'll take incoming calls and texts. Activate Do Not Disturb to send everything to voicemail when you're busy. And configure text message auto-replies to immediately get back to missed calls, texts and out-of-hours inquiries.
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Survey Says...
Customers Want Text

A Cloudli survey of 1,000 US consumers revealed that the ability to text SMBs is at the top of their wishlist. Read the survey report to learn what you need to know when it comes to customer communication preferences.

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All Cloudli TalkNText Plans Include:

Flexible Cloudli Apps Access your service from anywhere, with the intuitive Cloudli apps for smartphone, tablet and/or computer. TalkNText is supported on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as MacOS and PC desktops.
Enhanced Call Screener Get contextual information with every incoming call. The AI-powered Call Screener tells you who is calling and the reason for their call as a real-time text message. Then, you decide: answer the call, send it straight to voicemail, or block the number.
Dedicated Business Number Get a dedicated local business phone number for calling and text messaging - choose from numbers across the US or even add a toll-free number.
SMS/MMS in US and Canada Communicate how your customers want. Send and receive text and media messages*** with your customers and clients.
Unlimited Calling Take advantage of included unlimited** local and long-distance calls in the US and Canada, so you can do business anywhere.
Voicemail Transcription Know who called and what they want, at a glance, with included voicemail transcription service.


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With Cloudli, your business number goes with you. Download the iOS, Android and desktop apps today.

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