A Key Tool for Effective Communications During a Pandemic

February 11, 2022

With most companies in Canada impacted by COVID-19, many are looking for solutions to minimize their costs and remain competitive in their respective markets. Mass notification services can offer ways for businesses to remain top-of-mind with their customers while communicating the right message at the right time.

Sending the Right Message the Right Way

In the last couple of years, the new reality of businesses is presenting new challenges when it comes to keeping in touch with customers. Closures and reduced visits to retailers and service providers have made it difficult for many businesses to stay afloat. In addition, many businesses are required to keep a record of customers for tracing purposes in the event of an outbreak.

Keeping track of customer information and notifying customers when needed seems like a daunting task due the management it requires – but there are notification solutions that simplify these processes and workflows. Cloudli's notification services, which are web-based and require no installation, allows businesses to send voice, email, text and social media messages to an unlimited number of contacts. The cloud-based application, which is also available through smartphones, ensures that the right message is delivered to the right person using a full range of communication channels.

The application even allows businesses to obtain an acknowledgement of receipt, providing a business with the assurance the message was delivered and received. The flexibility of the system enables messages to be sent through a single method of communication, like text message, or a combination of channels such as email and a call to a mobile and home phone number.

Notifications Go a Long Way

Cloudli's notification services are great for reaching customers who have visited a business but are also useful for notifying clients of new business hours and public health measures. These mass messages can be used for commercial purposes as well, like informing customers about a special offer, a temporary promotion or a not-to-be-missed sale. Cloudli's notification portal provides the capability of setting up as many messages as required – there is no limit to what this tool can do for mass messaging needs!


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