Cloudli Connect Features

Telephone System

Hosted IP Telephony Service

The Cloudli Connect Hosted Telephone System operates automatically and gives you access to many features without any management on your part. Our technical expertise team guarantees a 24/7 service, 365 days a year, as well as an anti-fault cloud infrastructure.

Online Administration Portal

With the Cloudli Connect Online Portal, manage your phone system and related applications. You can even configure them remotely.

HD Voice Quality

Making yourself heard is a top priority. That's why we use high-performance audio codecs that give you flawless voice quality.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Guide your callers optimally with our comprehensive and proven IVR module. You can configure it according to your needs and those of the caller.

Calls On Hold

Give your callers the opportunity to wait for a representative to answer them or leave a voice message. You can handle higher call volumes and reduce missed calls.

On-Hold Music

The on-hold music module reassures, keeps your customers waiting and informs them about your latest news when they are put on hold.

Personalized Message

Play interest messages, such as your office and website addresses or commercial announcements to inform your customers about your latest news when they are on hold.

Opening Hours

Keep your clients informed of your schedule. Customize your interactive menu based on your business hours, and edit as needed.

Telephone Extensions

Reroute calls to multiple telephones grouped according to your needs.

Call Recording

Download and keep a record of your company's calls. You can access them as many times as you like from our customer portal.

Call Reports and Analytics

Analyze your organization's communications trends with a variety of call reports.

User Profiles

Create different user profiles so that each user can easily adjust their personal communication settings.

Cloudli Connect REST API

Pair the power of the Cloudli Connect-hosted telephony service with a modern, full-featured REST API that lets you interact with third-party applications.
Call Control

Call Forwarding and Routing

Manage and redirect your calls to desired destinations to provide a high rate and speed of response. For example, call routing allows you to transfer calls to a mobile phone, to another extension (IP phone or software), to grouped extensions or to a call queue, directly through a configuration from our Cloudli Connect portal.

Enhanced Voicemail

From our Cloudli Connect platform, check your voicemail messages online or on your mobile device. Also receive an email or SMS notification when receiving a voice mail message.

Virtual Internet Fax

Virtual Fax replaces the traditional fax machine and ensures that your fax is sent to your destination. This feature allows you to receive and send faxes through your email service with our Cloudli Connect portal.

Call Screening

Avoid unwanted calls. Call Screening intercepts calls from the pre-selected phone number and processes them according to the defined processing option. The call restriction feature allows you to filter and handle calls from specific parties (numbers). You can also restrict incoming and outgoing local, long distance and international calls from one or more telephone extensions.

Call Queues

This feature allows you to transfer incoming calls into a virtual queue. The caller waits until a user is available.

Group Calls

During an incoming call, you can select several extensions all at the same time.

Call Park

This feature allows you to put a call on hold by parking it. A unique number is assigned to it, commonly called a parking number. You or any other user can then take the call by using the parking number.

Advanced Parking

This feature allows you to create a virtual station for parked calls. You or any other user can then take the call by using the parked extension number. The park station facilitates assignment and sharing by department.

Presence Indication

Be easily informed of your colleagues' availability with real-time visual indicators. At a glance, see if a colleague is on the phone, busy or free before trying to reach them. The indication is physically visible through the lights on the telephone set (BLF) or virtually visible on the receptionist console.

Missed Call Notification

Be notified by Text Messaging (SMS) when you have a missed a call.

Remote Call Interception

If one of your colleagues is unable to answer a call, you can intercept its call from your own extension.

Caller Name and ID

Choose the name and number you want to display when you call a destination.
Phone Number Availability and Contact Centre

Toll-Free Numbers

Cloudli Connect offers extensive coverage of toll-free numbers, allowing your clients to contact you no matter where they are.

Local Numbers

Pick a local number from our inventory, and strengthen your organization's local (area) presence. You can proceed with an immediate and instant activation of your number through our Cloudli Connect management portal.

Worldwide Coverage

Opt for an international number from our inventory, and strengthen your organization’s worldwide presence. Cloudli Connect is proud to offer coverage in 76 countries across 3047 area codes. Our innovative telecommunications network provides you with outstanding sound quality and reliability no matter where you call on the planet.

Number Porting

The hosted telephony system interests you, but you want to keep your business number? Cloudli Connect supports the portability or transfer of your current phone number. Check if you qualify here.

Long Distance Plans

Save even more on long distance calls by subscribing to one of our many low-cost plans.

Real-Time Dashboard

Managers and agents have the ability to view a dashboard in real-time, and view the status and productivity of the contact center.

Smart Call Queue

This feature applies a call routing strategy based on the skills (for example: language, expertise, location, or qualification) of your agents, which optimizes your resources and the customer experience. The smart call queue also includes a round-robin distribution, prioritized or random, according to the conventions of your organization.

Agent Supervision

Agent supervision allows you to listen to a conversation without the knowledge of the caller and the agent. This tool includes a "whisper" feature that lets you train or assist the agent during a call, as well as a "barge-in" feature that lets you take control of the call when needed.

Call Recording

Record your calls for reference, quality assurance and performance measurement purposes.

History and Detailed Reports

Analyze your contact center data and agent performance with our multiple out-of-the-box reports. They contain many indicators to help you improve the quality of your customer service.

Soft Phones

Softphones are a modern and powerful solution to complement or replace physical phone devices. Very versatile, this solution allows you to receive and place calls directly from your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Appointments Confirmation

Automate appointments confirmation of all kinds, including product deliveries, thanks to this platform from the Cloudli Connect family. By using this communications service, you no longer need to call your customers one by one.

Guard Team Management

Cloudli Connect allows you to manage the availability and assignment of one or more guard teams. For example, you can set up rotating teams for mobilization or telephone support.

Replacement Service

As an option to the Team Management Service, Cloudli Connect offers a simple and automated replacement module. With this service, your teams can find replacements between them without you having to intervene.

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