The New State of Workplace Communications

February 16, 2022

From laptops to fax machines, emailing to texting, instant messaging to social media – businesses are adopting the latest business communications technologies that are in constant evolution. The future of business communications technology is bright, and communication tools will continue to influence the exchange and transmission of information in the workplace. Read on to learn more about how communication and collaboration tools are shaping our new professional reality.

Accelerating Trends

COVID-19 brought a great deal of change globally and accelerated several communication trends that were already taking shape. Just a few months into the pandemic, the typical workday in the office had changed to working from home and collaborating with colleagues online via videoconferencing. Some specialists claim that the pandemic propelled the videoconferencing market and accelerated the adoption of these solutions by two to three years.

Today, many small and medium-sized businesses are still working to accelerate the integration of these new solutions in order to keep pace with their competitors and improve the efficiency of their employees. The bottom line? To allow employees to collaborate as a team on a daily basis, even if working remotely. Providing employees with the appropriate tools is crucial to maximize productivity and motivation, at home or at the office.

The Importance of Collaboration Tools

The new workplace reality is made possible thanks to collaboration tools. Although videoconferencing is of significant importance to conduct business nowadays, most agree that instant messaging shouldn't be overlooked. It is the basis of collaboration between employees. Instant messaging allows conversations to flow more seamlessly than endless email threads. 

Microsoft Teams and its Office 365 suite tools have been particularly popular since the beginning of the pandemic. In October 2020, Microsoft announced that Teams surpassed the 100 million daily users mark. The U.S. firm saw an increase of more than 50% in just six months, with 115 million active users.

Collaboration: A Proven Solution

Cloudli offers the complete integration of its cloud business phone services to the Teams collaborative platform. This synergy enables users to benefit from feature-rich functionalities powered by a cloud-based phone system with efficient collaboration tools offered by Microsoft Teams. Simple and quick to deploy, Teams integrates perfectly into an organization's existing infrastructure and is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

The benefits of teleworking for companies and their employees are not to be overlooked and are certainly worth the investment. It's been proven that working from home leads to an increase in motivation and confidence, a reduction in stress related to traveling, greater autonomy, and an increase in employee performance. Provide your employees with the flexibility they need – talk to one of our experts today to assess the cloud business phone strategy that best suits your needs.

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