Provide Your Clients with Commercial-Grade Communications

October 10, 2023

Virtually every company needs a centralized communications system. Most companies need outbound sales and marketing, customer service, surveys and feedback for improvement, and collections processes to sustain and grow a business. 

Organizations must route and address inbound sales opportunities, support requests, human resources applications, event confirmations and other activities. 

This doesn’t mean businesses have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars setting up enormous warehouse-size locations with cubicles, ubiquitous grey chairs, desks and clunky computers adorning each workspace. Even if just renting in those facilities, your clients will rack up significant expenditures before answering their first call. Most SMBs simply cannot afford a dedicated contact center – even though they may badly need those types of services. 

As an MSP, you can make life infinitely easier for those clients by offering a cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution to address that specific pain point. In this case, implementing a cloud-based contact center could solve their need to handle critical incoming and outgoing business communications. Providing that service is easier than you would think. 

Provide Your Clients with Commercial-Grade Communications 

A true contact center can accommodate teams of distributed, work-from-home and hybrid employees with no physical corporate location, landlines, dedicated phones or headsets. While companies can still leverage their previous investments in on-premises equipment, PCs and mobile devices with a quality network connection will suffice. 

Employees can use their own phones from virtually any location and access more calling features than ever with the right contact center solution, including call routing, queueing and customer data field population. Those are just a few of the hundreds of available options that sales, marketing and account support teams can leverage to improve the company’s revenue, customer satisfaction, retention and productivity. 

Another key feature that helps MSPs sell contact center solutions is a secure dashboard that allows managers to monitor real-time performance. They can review KPIs like the number of dials and the average length of calls and listen in to live or recorded discussions. As draconian as this might sound to some people, the latter is a great opportunity for owners and managers to train, coach and provide other types of support to their team members.

These platforms can deliver workload distribution and redistribution to ease peak call times for businesses with multiple locations, including restaurant, retail and hotel chains. The ability to shift incoming orders and reservations to workers with the bandwidth to answer the calls will help clients increase their revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction ratings. With leaderboards based on various performance metrics, your clients can see which employees are most successful, create competitive contests and otherwise motivate specific behaviors.

MSPs can monitor cloud-based solutions like Cloudli's from their workstations or operations centers. Should a performance issue or event occur that could threaten uptime, you’ll know right away. Cloud applications with monitoring features and controls help prevent system disruptions and costly truck rolls.

Customized APIs, reporting and notification capabilities, local number set-up and custom call routing to mobile phones add even more value to your solutions stack. Those high-value features will help your clients excel from anywhere in the world while maintaining the optics of a local community business when needed.

Create Client “Stickiness”

One feature that few companies offer, including channel-friendly vendors, is the ability to brand contact center solutions. One sure way to keep your MSP’s name top-of-mind with clients and every end-user is to leverage white-label options.

For example, the Cloudli team can help providers add their logos and branding prominently in their client-facing voice and video applications. The imagery and messaging are more than mere marketing tricks – most users will see your name many times each day. Branding creates recognition and boosts client retention (or stickiness) as they enjoy the benefits of these valued business tools that your team delivers and supports.

White-labeling promotes and augments your business.

Turn Hidden Opportunities Into Profits

Contact center solutions are relatively easy to implement and guarantee significant new recurring revenue streams for MSPs. While many businesses already understand the value of these services, they may be paying too much for too little. Other prospective and existing clients may also benefit from call center applications but never explored the opportunities or found the right fit. 

Reducing the burden of adding and managing unnecessary systems and equipment is a key value that MSPs bring to the table. Helping your clients improve sales, customer service and client retention can increase everyone’s bottom line. Contact centers are a valuable solution in any MSP’s stack and could help your team generate significant new MRR in the new year.

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