Fixing the Top Five Pain Points for Small Businesses

October 10, 2023
One of the biggest challenges for Master Service Providers (MSPs) today is ensuring that the services they deliver address the current and future needs of each client. 

While yesterday’s issues may be under control, it’s easy to overlook the latest compliance requirements, cybersecurity threats or financial concerns. The dynamics shift constantly for business owners, and MSPs need not only stay on top of those changes, but collaborate closer with clients to develop and implement the proper solutions.

With the global health and economic uncertainties of the past three years, many organizations are still adjusting to the new norms − and adjusting plans for the future. Business as usual no longer exists.

What challenges are they facing? How can MSPs help? Here are a few of the pain points that are creating new opportunities for managed services professionals:

Controlling Runaway Expenses

In many areas, inflation remains in double-digits for critical expenditures like utilities, rent and other necessary supplies and services. Companies are grappling with decisions around trimming costs and raising rates, trying to balance sales and customer needs without negatively affecting profitability. MSPs with insightful cost-cutting ideas can more than earn their keep in these situations. Developing proposals to replace costly expenses (like traditional phone lines and copier contracts) with more affordable cloud-driven applications is just one of the many opportunities.

Increasing Revenue

Finding new customers and selling more to existing accounts can be a challenging enterprise for any business, especially so for the SMBs with few sales resources. The good news for IT services firms is there are many ways to help, from improving their website and online sales capabilities, including marketplaces and payment platforms, to automated marketing systems that drive new leads and nurture prospects.

Improving the speed and capabilities of communications is another invaluable option. For example, implementing and integrating UCaaS with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, quoting tools, as well as email and calendar applications can significantly boost sales teams’ productivity. Pitching cost-effective solutions that help clients generate new income streams is also a good way to drive incremental revenue for MSPs.

Managing the New Workforce Ecosystem

Many companies are still struggling to find their way in a post-pandemic business environment. The rapid shift to work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid workplaces three years ago led to a lot of anxiety and disruptions early on, but most organizations adapted quickly and became more open-minded about the long-term benefits of these arrangements. However, acceptance does not always translate to operational efficiency, and some companies are still struggling to optimize their workplace transformations. That state of flux creates new opportunities for the remote support capabilities of an MSP. From delivering cybersecurity, helpdesk, and onsite services to implementing collaboration tools like UCaaS, Microsoft 365 and Google, there are an almost endless supply of incremental revenue options available for IT services providers.

Innovating and Eliminating Complexity

Relatively few of today’s business leaders are tech visionaries. Most organizations struggle to stay anywhere near the leading edge with their critical systems and applications, and often rely on outsiders to push those boundaries. In the SMB community, MSPs often fill that role, helping businesses develop a solutions roadmap and procure, implement  and support those systems and long-term strategies. With an increasing focus on employee satisfaction and the user experience, opportunities are rising for IT services firms that can simplify workflows and implement intuitive technologies.

Addressing Staff and Skills Shortages

The people component in the workplace remains in short supply in many areas, presenting a challenge for virtually every company. From retail stores and hotels to manufacturers and banks, recruiting qualified candidates continues to be a problem − even when companies lower requirements and raise salaries. Many MSPs are addressing those concerns with automation. Adding technologies and integrations that eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce labor hours solves a critical need for clients today, freeing up money for even greater IT investments.

Identify Individual Pain Points

The key thing for MSPs is understanding the specific pain points for each client. What are the challenges that prevent their team from meeting key objectives?

Providers must effectively assess clients’ wants and requirements and, when needed, help find ways to pay it all. That latter point can easily be overlooked by those more focused on technologies than real business solutions − successful MSPs understand that dealing with budget-related concerns is a key responsibility. Quantifying the savings of various technologies and services helps sales teams close more deals and solve more clients’ problems.

Implementing cost-effective labor-saving solutions like Cloudli's can help MSPs accomplish those goals. When it comes to addressing critical business pain points, a flexible cloud-based UCaaS platform is a logical option for creative IT professionals. Schedule a demo to get started. 

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