What is a Contact Centre?

February 11, 2022

Companies who are looking to invest in a contact centre are often swayed by preconceived notions. Many still believe contact centres require a significant investment with on-premises IT infrastructures. Some may believe contact centres are highly complex to deploy, while others think they require dedicated technical staff to implement and manage.

These perceptions, which were once true, originate from how contact centres were deployed in the past with legacy, on-premises PBX technology. It was common practice for companies to outsource their calling operations to specialized providers to avoid the burden of managing and investing in a call centre. Outsourcing call centres implied – and resulted in – a reduction of costs, which made the model so successful.

Today, thanks to new and emerging technologies, outsourcing a call centre is not always the best option. With the evolution of communication channels, call centres have morphed into contact centres, equipping call takers and callers with calling, texting, emailing and live chatting capabilities – and operate at a lower cost.

The Advantages of a Contact Centre Solution


One of the key benefits of a VoIP-based contact centre is its affordability. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over a high-speed Internet connection rather than over a traditional telephone line. Calling fees are either non-existent or a fraction of those generally charged by traditional phone carriers. With VoIP, there is no need to invest in expensive IT resources, hosting servers, a PBX or telephone equipment.

Operating a VoIP or cloud-based contact center also saves costs associated with office space, such as equipment, furniture and other features. With a VoIP-based contact centre, you can run your call centre from anywhere with a fully remote team thanks to the flexibility VoIP offers.

No Commitment

There are contact centre providers, like Cloudli, who offer solutions with a no-commitment monthly plan. It's also possible to choose a plan built for your needs. For instance, your business may have peak calling seasons or have high calling traffic during specific hours of the day. These pricing plans allows you to add or remove channels and adjust the number of users without any additional administrative costs.

Simplified Staff Recruitment

Unlike a fixed call centre that operates on a PBX system, a VoIP-based contact centre allows employees to be located anywhere – the only requirement is a computer with an internet connection! There are no physical or geographical barriers to consider, so the pool of potential candidates is considerably large. Job opportunities offering work-from-home policies and flexible office locations are highly in demand, given the growing need and popularity of remote work.

But implementing a contact centre with remote workers scattered around the globe doesn't translate into supervisors not having access to their staff. With a cloud-based contact centre, supervisors have the ability to coach and train their employees, get insights into ongoing calls for monitoring purposes, and provide guidance without being overheard by callers while a call is in progress.

Enhanced Benefits Of Cloudli’s Contact Centre

Smart Call Routing

Cloudli’s contact centre solution enables businesses to optimize how callers are matched to agents, ensuring better customer satisfaction by allowing callers to speak directly with the agent who is best suited to answer their questions. Routing strategies make it possible to route calls into different queues and assign calls to agents based on a specific skillset.

Prioritization Strategies  

Customized prioritization strategies can be implemented to improve the management of incoming calls. For example, calls can be routed to a specific agent according to language or based on the volume of calls received in the last 24 hours. The goal is to optimize the quality of the call and reduce the waiting time for callers.

Additionally, an automatic callback function may be activated within your contact centre. This allows a caller to request a callback rather than remain in the telephone queue. When an agent becomes available, the system contacts the caller and connects him to the agent.

Effective Training Tools

Whether all your employees work under the same roof or are dispersed across the globe, Cloudli’s contact centre offers training tools for agents that allow them to quickly reach their full potential. Features like listening, whispering, answering and recording ensure supervisors have the right tools to effectively train, monitor and coach agents, resulting in callers getting the best customer experience possible when they call.

Management Tools and KPIs

Cloudli’s contact centre provides managers with relevant performance reports that allow them to optimize resources and maximize customer satisfaction. In addition to displaying performance against the SLA (Service Level Agreement) in real-time, the Report section of the tool allows users to view a wide range of KPI metrics to monitor agent activity, agent status reports and detailed call recordings.

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