Recession-Proof Your Business With Cloud-based Communications

November 8, 2022

No one likes a recession, but small businesses especially take a hit when the economy takes a downturn. They typically have less financial margin to absorb a drop in demand or an increase in supply costs. Also, fixed expenses can consume a larger part of an SMB’s budget, which means it’s harder to find places to cut costs.

But enough of the bad news, there is a bright side. You can take a meaningful step to recession-proof your business by adopting new technology solutions, starting with your telecommunications. Read on to learn four ways transitioning to an app-based cloud voice and texting solution gives you a strategic edge – recession or no recession.

1. Get rid of multiple subscriptions

When you launched your business, you may have needed a landline with a dedicated business number. Then you started using your cell phone to take work on the go with you. Then you layered a texting service on your landline to make sure you could respond to customer texts using your business number. Have you noticed the costs start to add up?

Why not opt for a plan that allows you to pay for the features you truly need, with the option to hand pick features as a per need basis? Cloudli Connect  is a cloud business phone system that has a-la-carte pricing. The basic plan starts at $31.95 and includes:

  • 1 business phone number (includes unlimited local and long-distance calls to the US and Canada*)
  • 5 extensions
  • 5 advanced mailboxes (includes 3 enterprise-grade mailboxes; e.g., reception, sales, service, etc.)
  • Rich calling features such as call waiting, caller ID, call transfer, fast dialing
  • A full range of advanced functions (*/#)
  • Conference calls, and more
* Subject to Cloudli's Fair Use Policy

Need additional services like SMS/MMS, Receptionist Console, Virtual Call Queue or Call Recording? Cloudli Connect’s vast selection of optional features doesn’t fall short. The result? You’re not stuck paying for services your business doesn’t need, and you can save some budget for items that can truly make a difference with your business communications.

2. Reduce your need for office space

When you have a virtual voice and texting solution, your team can handle customer calls and orders anywhere and anytime simply by logging into the mobile app on their computer or mobile device. That gives you the option to reduce office space needs and have some or all of your employees – for instance, your customer call centre – work remotely from home. With office space running anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per month per employee, that can offer significant potential savings over the course of a year.

A cloud business phone solution allows you to maintain a high level of customer service and internal collaboration. With Cloudli Connect, for instance, you can integrate your VoIP service with collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams so you can benefit from team chats, screen sharing, video conferencing, and more. This technology mix is a perfect example of how digitally transforming your communications makes remote work possible while saving you costs from office rental fees.

3. Improve efficiency through automation

Sometimes doing more with less is the key to weathering economic uncertainty. VoIP systems can include powerful CRM integrations that can help automate processes, saving you time and improving efficiency. Integrating your CRM to Cloudli Connect via a widget, for example, allows you and your team to launch a call by clicking on a contact within the CRM. You don't have to switch from one platform to another to make calls, take notes or log details. Every call you make can also be recorded or captured as an activity within your CRM.

4. Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

Above all, the best way to weather a recession is to keep your existing customers happy, and a VoIP solution with an optional Contact Centre can help. Cloudli Connect offers Contact Centre features so SMBs can offer an enhanced customer experience to their clients.

Features like Smart Call Routing allows businesses to route calls to the right agent based on expertise, location and language. Callback and Virtual Call Queue features allow callers to hang up and get a call back while keeping their calling priority. Chatting, emailing and texting is also possible through Contact Centre, which helps keep the lines of communication open while providing clients with options. Giving your customers the experience that they deserve and expect shows you're doing everything possible to keep them happy.

Another recession-proofing move: ask for a free demo

Changing or adopting any technology can be nerve-wracking, especially when you have one eye on the bottom line. But getting a free Cloudli Connect demo can help you determine whether a cloud voice and texting solution is best for your business, and lets you test out some of its recession-proofing features. Our experts will even help you pick and choose the right features that best fits your budget and your needs. Click here to get started today.


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