Text-Enabling Your Landline: 4 Reasons It’s the Right Move Now

March 18, 2022

It's a fact – most customers want the option to talk AND text with their favorite businesses. SMBs must now adapt to a new communications reality where customer communications can be done by phone and by text. But what's an SMB to do if they're tied to the same business landline phone number they've been known to use for years? They can't simply let that number go to obtain a new number that can accept text messages, and adding a second phone line that allows texting incurs extra costs.

If this scenario sounds familiar, we've got good news for you – there's a way for you to upgrade your current business landline phone number to add texting capabilities. It’s an easy and affordable upgrade that simply requires an app-based program that links virtually to your landline. More on the “how” later. But first, here are four reasons adding Business Texting to your landline is the right move today.

1. Your customers want the option to text. 

We all know how convenient texting has become. You have a question or want to send a quick reminder or request, and within seconds it’s done and off your list. With that in mind, it won’t surprise you that 81% of consumers in a recent survey said they’d like to be able to text with their favorite brands and businesses, and 75% said they’d be more likely to support businesses they can text.

That doesn’t mean your landline is dispensable. Consumers still list telephone as their favorite way to contact a business. However, texting is a close second and will likely overtake voice communications, especially among younger generations, as more businesses offer that option. 93% of consumers who want to support small businesses want the option to call or text. 

2. You're missing texts and messages. 

If you don’t have a text-enabled landline, you might be missing a lot of messages from current and potential customers. First, they might be trying to text you, thinking your business number is connected to cellular or VoIP services. Those texts obviously won’t reach their intended recipient, so your customer may be left wondering why you didn’t respond and, perhaps, taking their business elsewhere.

Second, you may be missing phone messages. Forbes reported that 80% of calls sent to voicemail do not leave a message because they don’t think their message will be heard. That’s not a false assumption given that 30% of voicemails are ignored for at least three days, and 20% of those with voicemail never listen to it, according to data from uReach Technologies.

Having a text-enabled landline gives business owners new tools to receive and respond to messages. First, it gives customers the option to call or text the landline number. But even if they call, you can program the app to send an automated text response assuring them you received their voicemail or missed call, and you’ll get back to them at the time you specify. Then, when you’re back in the office, you log onto the app, check all your text and phone messages and respond accordingly. Your customers get the satisfaction you’re paying attention to their needs, and you get an organized system for managing business messages – a win-win.

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3. You need more flexibility. 

A landline is helpful when you’re in your shop or office and available to answer calls. But if you're away from your desk phone, a text-enabled landline provides another way to stay in touch with your customers. You'll be able to reach customers via text and even program automated text-replies to provide your customers with the satisfaction that you've received their inquiry after business hours. 

A cloud-based business texting service gives you the freedom to walk away from your landline, knowing any text messages will be captured in the app for easy response. You can also share numbers with other members of your team so you can share the communication load. 

If text messages come in after the work day, you can set an automated message to be sent to customers that explains the business is closed and you will respond the following business day. A text-enabled landline helps you get much-needed time away from your business while still maintaining the level of customer service your customers expect.

4. It's more affordable than ever. 

Adding business texting to a landline used to be an expensive endeavor, up to $100 or more per month for four users, on top of your phone and answering service charges. Today, you can subscribe to a cloud-based service with voice, texting and voicemail for as little as $60 per month – an 78% savings over the three services combined. You can keep your landline and continue to pay your provider for that service, or transition completely to an internet-based voice service and cancel the landline altogether.

Adding Business Texting with TalkNText

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