TalkNText Business Communications Cost Analysis: How Much Can You Save?

January 31, 2022

Spoiler Alert: SMBs can save more than $2,500 per year with TalkNText

When speaking with customers about Cloudli TalkNText, we often uncover a handful of services that they’ve pulled together to meet their business communications needs – a Business Texting platform, a business voice subscription, plus an answering service on top.

But those services don’t come cheap. $50 for an answering service during off-hours, $100 for business texting service, $75 for a business phone line… Every month, those costs add up and take away from an SMB’s ability to reinvest in their business, or pay dividends to their owners.

Cloudli TalkNText replaces many of these services with a single subscription, and the savings can add up fast. Based on the conversations we’ve had, we’re breaking down how SMBs can save with TalkNText – and adding up the total cost of ownership savings at the end.

Savings Opportunity 1: Business Texting

Business Texting is a large communications cost line item that adds up fast for many small businesses. What we’ve heard from customers, is that they’re paying anywhere from $25-250 per user, per month for Business Texting. At the low end, if you have a small business with four users, that’s $100 each month just for Business Texting. And once you sign up, you’re committed – many Business Texting plans require a term contract, so if you want to make a change, you have to wait it out.

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Savings Opportunity 2: Business Voice

According to the CTIA, there were 2.9 trillion minutes of voice traffic in the US in 2020. While SMBs need Business Texting, they also need phone lines for their business. And those phone lines can get spendy: phone service alone will run you around $30 per line. Going back to the four-user business example, you’ll need to factor $120 into your monthly expenses for a fairly basic voice service. Some of these services go month-to-month, others require you to lock in for a year or more.

Savings Opportunity 3: Answering Service

An answering service may seem like a thing of the past for some, but in many industries, the ability to triage an incoming call after hours is critical. Often, you’re paying a flat rate plus a per-minute rate for every call answered. Even if you only use 10-25 minutes of service each month, you’re adding another $50 (or more) to your monthly telecom spend.

Taking Advantage of Savings Opportunities

Cloudli TalkNText enables small businesses to save money across each of these opportunities:

  • Business Texting: TalkNText includes Business Texting, which means you can text-enable your business line and share numbers with your team so the first available user can respond to your clients and customers. This lets your SMB harness the power of Business Texting, without overbuying features your SMB doesn’t need.
  • Business Voice: Every TalkNText subscription includes unlimited calling across the US and Canada. You can simply provide each user with their own extension, or add on additional direct phone numbers depending on what you prefer.
  • Answering Service: Cloudli TalkNText includes voicemail and transcription, but additional features like auto-attendant and text message auto-replies, plus the ability to set business hours, means that you can get off-hours inquiries to the right people, automatically let them know that their call is being triaged, and then notify the appropriate people on your team so they can handle the call right away, or wait until the next business day.

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Calculating the Savings

With Cloudli TalkNText, Business Texting, business voice and answering service costs are replaced by a single subscription. Using some of the more conservative costs we’ve heard from clients and customers, your savings could look like this:

Monthly Savings for Four Users with TalkNText

  TalkNText Third-party Providers*
Business Texting Included $100
Business Voice Included $120
Answering Service Similar Included $50
Total Monthly Spend $60 $270
Total Monthly Savings $210
Total Annual Savings $2,520
Total Savings 78%

* Savings and feature claims based on comparison of pricing plans for four users, published on competitor websites or other publicly available sources as of May 18, 2023. Some competitor plans may include additional features, including but not limited to video and audio conferencing, and direct dial numbers for each user.

If your small business with four users is paying separately for Business Texting, business voice and an answering service, you could save 78% by making the move to Cloudli TalkNText. The best part – you can try it free for 7 days, no credit card required, before you make the switch.

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