Is a Second Phone Line App Right for You: 3 Questions to Ask

September 30, 2021

If you’ve landed on this blog, chances are, you’re looking into how to get a second phone number for your SMB. And as you’re reading up on the various options on the market, you have probably encountered the slew of small business phone apps offering a second phone number that exist on the market: Grasshopper, Sideline, Line2 are a few names (although not the only brands) that you might recognize.  

You might also be wondering how these second phone line apps are different from the complete business phone systems offered by traditional providers. Well, look no further. In this blog, we explain why SMBs seek out a virtual business phone app, three quick questions to help you to determine if this type of solution works for you, and how to get a second phone line app in place for your SMB. 

Why Second Phone Lines?

Second phone line apps are a really easy way to establish a business identity for your SMB, without requiring you to get a second mobile phone through a wireless carrier or sign on for a full-blown traditional business phone system. 

The pricing on virtual second line apps has traditionally ranged from $15 for bare-bones service to $30 for more enhanced offers. Once you’ve signed up, you simply load the app on your smartphone, sign in, and boom! You have a dedicated business phone number. The great news is, you can tell which calls are personal, because they’ll come in through your device’s native phone app, and which are for business, as they’ll ring through the app. 


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Is a Second Phone Line App Right for You? 

If you have an SMB or are starting a new business, a virtual second phone number could be a good solution for you. Ask yourself: 

  • Are you comfortable giving out your personal mobile number to potential customers or posting it online? 
    If you’re iffy on giving out your own phone number or plastering that number across the internet, a second phone line app is a good way to share contact details but keep personal information private. 
  • As an entrepreneur, do you struggle with work/life balance? 
    This is probably a trick question, because almost every entrepreneur and business owner struggles to create boundaries between their work and personal lives. A virtual second phone number isn’t a foolproof solution, but it makes it easier to keep work and personal separate, and dedicate time for each. 
  • Is flexibility important? 
    As a business owner, you understand the importance of being flexible to adapt to changing needs and requirements. Second phone line apps are especially agile – for most, you can easily add, remove or change numbers by yourself, and you’re not locked into a restrictive contract or term. 

Choosing a Virtual Second Phone Line App 

If a virtual second phone line app makes sense for your business, sifting through the various options can be overwhelming. What features do you need now? What features will you need in the near future?  

Obviously, the first thing to investigate are the apps calling capabilities. Unlimited inbound/outbound calling is a good place to start. Other things to look for include: 

  • Support for your location – can you get a phone number for your local area – or the local area where your customers are? 
  • Support for toll-free numbers – can you get a toll-free number for your business? This is especially important if you’re serving a nationwide customer base. 
  • SMS support – customers love to text with businesses and service providers, so your virtual second phone line must be able to send and receive SMS and MMS messages. How does your second phone line app stack up here? 
  • Growth potential – as your business grows, can your second phone line app grow with it to support new team members? 
  • Enhanced business features – are you able to set business hours and call routing rules, receive voicemails as texts, and more? These “nice to have” features can make it easier to run your business and put your best foot forward.

Cloudli’s TalkNText app was designed to take the features of a virtual business phone solution to the next level. Not only does it include the core features provided by most of the other second phone line apps, it allows you to share your second phone line with team members, text-enable an existing business landline, send auto-replies to text messages received on your second phone number, and more. Plus, flexible pricing makes it simple to start out as a solopreneur or micro-SMB, and scale as you grow. More than just a second phone line app, TalkNText gives you the freedom to grow and scale without running into feature roadblocks. 

You can try Cloudli TalkNText risk-free for 7 days – no credit card required. Sign up now to claim your second number and see the benefits of a second phone number for your business. 


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