Five Reasons Zipwhip Customers Will Like Cloudli TalkNText Even More

June 13, 2022

If you’re already using Business Texting, you may wonder if another service provider might better suit your needs. Could the grass truly be greener on the other side? Zipwhip customers, in particular, have that decision to make, since Zipwhip will be sunsetting its Business Texting service soon. We’ve compiled this comparison guide to show you how Cloudli TalkNText might be exactly the right move. Although the services have a lot in common, Cloudli TalkNText offers additional, enhanced features for the business environment – and, in particular, small and medium-sized businesses.

Here are five distinctions between Zipwhip and TalkNText, and how they’ll work for you:

1. Cloudi TalkNText offers both voice and texting. Zipwhip is texting only.

Texting is incredibly useful for small business owners, but it’s not a practical stand-alone option. You’ll need some sort of voice communications option for customers, and with two separate services contracts, you’ll end up paying double and communications will get siloed.

Cloudli TalkNText combines voice and text in a single-subscription app. For the same price as text-only, you get unlimited phone service accessible through any mobile device with the TalkNText app. Any phone messages that come to that number automatically get transcribed and stored in the app along with your text messages, creating a unified record of customer communications so nothing gets lost or overlooked.

2. Cloudli TalkNText gives you team messaging for users at a price that makes sense.

With TalkNText, you can upgrade your plan for just $30/month and never have to worry about incurring additional charges for team messaging. Once you have more than one team member, every plan gives TalkNText users unlimited team messaging, 24/7, from anywhere in the world you can access the internet.

MMS (multimedia messaging service) enables you to send videos, audio, files such as PowerPoint presentations, photos, phone contacts and more. It’s a critical tool for business owners these days who need the same flexibility with their business communications they enjoy with their personal smartphone.

3. Cloudli TalkNText costs less than Zipwhip and other Business Texting providers.

Small business owners need to keep an eye on affordability, and that’s what TalkNText delivers. We have one of the lowest service costs for Business Texting on the market, starting at $15 per month per user. With Zipwhip and other dedicated Business Texting providers, you’re probably paying more than $30 per month – and that’s just for Business Texting.

TalkNText saves you money, month after month, that can be better used for important tasks like advertising, marketing, product development and hiring.

4. Cloudli TalkNText, like Zipwhip, allows you to send a text to a large group at once.

If you like Zipwhip’s ability to send messages to large groups, you’ll love TalkNText. You can create a group text for internal team members who are included in your TalkNText plan, to communicate important information or sync your schedules or instructions. You can also send a single message via SMS broadcast to a large list of contacts; for instance, to promote a new product or an upcoming event. You won’t lose that capability when you move to TalkNText.

5. Cloudli TalkNText offers more flexibility than Zipwhip.

With TalkNText, you have the flexibility to create a business communications system that works perfectly for you. Use text only, or take advantage of the voice capabilities that are already part of the app. You can layer the service on top of an existing landline, or convert completely to TalkNText and port your number over for a seamless transition.

TalkNText has numerous customizable features. You can program text auto-replies to assure customers you received their message and let them know when you’ll respond. You also can share the same phone number with your team members on the TalkNText plan so you can more easily cover customer needs as they arise. Whoever is available answers and responds to the call or text. You can even screen calls with the AI-powered Call Screener so you know who is calling and why, giving you enough contextual information to decide whether you pick up, send to voicemail or block the call completely.

Finally, TalkNText keeps all messages – voice and text – in the app and visible by you, along with all files shared by other users , including MMS and SMS. That means communications don’t get siloed and you never have to figure out whether you’re responding to an old message, or recall who last communicated with the customer. It’s all stored in the app, so you’re kept in the loop and have easy-to-access documentation of the dialogue.

Give it a test drive

You know a transition is coming, so now is the perfect time to do your due diligence and decide what service provider will offer the features you liked in Zipwhip – plus more. Cloudli offers a free, no strings attached, 7-day trial of TalkNText. You don’t even have to provide a credit card. Just click here to quickly setup your trial account, then download the app and get started using the service – easy!

Have questions? Our product experts can answer them, or show you a quick demo. Reach out today so we can set up a time to talk.

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