Business Texting Helps Customer Satisfaction and Growth: 10 Use Cases

March 1, 2022

Every small business is unique and special, but it may face similar communications challenges to other SMBs of the same size. Cloudli developed its TalkNText telecom service after hearing what business owners just like you needed most – namely, a way to combine Business Texting with a business phone in an affordable, consolidated application.

Could TalkNText solve your business communication challenges? We put together ten use cases where the answer is “yes.” Read on to see if any of these situations sound familiar:

Use case #1: Responding to off-hours calls

Business: Real estate agents

Everyone knows that realtors™ work around the clock, so you’re likely to get calls or texts at all hours of the day and night. TalkNText lets you send a quick text response, even when you’re off duty or busy with another client. Auto-reply messages can be set for different times of the day or night, so the client is notified with the appropriate message.

Use case #2: Accepting orders or reservations by text

Business: Restaurants

Online ordering or table reservations aren’t practical if you don’t have a website or don’t want to subscribe to external services that receive and manage reservations. TalkNText gives your customers the option of texting their reservation, inquiry or order instead. You can then choose to continue the conversation by either texting or calling them back. The best part? You don’t have to pay a percentage of that order back to the SMS provider!

Use case #3: Responding to customer questions when and how its convenient

Business: Florist shop

“What’s the going rate for a dozen red roses?” “Are you available to do my wedding flowers?” “Do you have any orange dahlias in stock?” Florists field dozens of customer questions every day – an important and necessary task, but one that can interrupt the flow of work.TalkNText collects customers’ phone and text messages in one place and keeps conversations in a unified view, allowing you to quickly scan the thread and respond when it’s convenient for you.

Use case #4: Corresponding with clients

Business: Personal injury lawyers

The details of a legal case can consume plaintiffs and compel them to call or text their lawyers for clarification – a lot. TalkNText enables attorneys to review the exact message (whether phone or text) and respond by either calling back or texting. If the shared numbers feature is enabled, lawyers can even delegate this correspondence to other staff members to assist with responding.

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Use case #5: Selecting cost-conscious telecom options

Business: Start-up retail business

New businesses have plenty of expenses without adding a costly telecom package to the list. TalkNText lets you get up and running with a dedicated business line and unlimited calling and texting for as little as $10/month per user. That’s about half the cost of other plans, and with many more features like shared numbers and text-to-landline.

Use case #6: Sharing store hours and collecting pick-up orders

Business: Coffee shop

It’s hard to compete with giant coffee chains these days, so you want to make sure both your coffee and customer service is superb. With TalkNText, you can allow customers to text their orders before they head to work, so their coffee will be waiting at the counter when they arrive. You can also create an auto-reply message with store hours that’s sent to anyone who calls or texts after you close for the day, so customers know when to plan their next visit.

Use case #7: Transitioning away from using a personal cell phone

Business: Physical therapist

If you schedule your own appointments but have been using your personal cell phone to do it, you’re probably ready to create some work-life separation through a dedicated business line with both voice and texting capabilities. Cloudli TalkNText lets you add a VoIP business line very affordably that you access through an app on your computer or mobile device. The app’s interface allows you to tell which calls are for business versus personal, and you can set business hours so after-work calls go straight to voicemail. You can even program text auto-replies for missed calls, incoming messages and when voicemails are left.

Use case #8: Sharing numbers to prevent missed messages

Business: Maid service

Service businesses like home or office cleaning companies must be available to receive calls or texts about existing or new business, but what if you have your hands are full at the moment the phone rings? TalkNText solves the dilemma by letting you share a number with others on your staff. These teammates can answer the call or respond via text immediately, so the customer feels satisfied. Then you can view the correspondence and follow-up later using the TalkNText app. You’ll never miss a call or feel out of the loop.

Use case #9: Frequent travel makes communications complicated

Business: Consulting business

Anywhere you travel with an internet or data connection, you can access your TalkNText account to receive and return calls and SMS messages. You simply log into the app on your computer or smartphone. All devices with the app will ring simultaneously, and you can pick up the call or text message from any of them – even halfway around the world.

Use case #10: Keeping track of scheduling requests and appointments

Business: Hair stylist

Hair stylists juggle dozens of appointments a week, and those can change on a dime if someone is running late, runs into a scheduling conflict or gets sick. Business Texting allows you to keep track of customer messages and refer back if you want clarification on an appointment detail or cancellation. Every phone or SMS message is stored in the TalkNText app and accessible by mobile device or computer.

What’s Your Use Case?

No matter what type of small business you operate, Cloudli TalkNText has solutions for your communications challenges. Reach out today to discuss your needs and hear how Cloudli can help. Or, even better, try TalkNText for yourself during our free, 7-day trial.

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