Six Ways TalkNText is a Smart Alternative to Textellent

May 16, 2023

Business texting should go beyond 1:1 SMS messaging to touch on every aspect of business functionality, from prospecting and sales to automated replies and dispatching. But getting full utility out of your communications plan means doing a bit of homework up front, comparing similar products to find the best one for your needs. Want to know how Cloudli’s TalkNText compares to Textellent, and if it’s a good alternative? Here are six key factors to keep in mind.

1. TalkNText Gives You Both Voice and Texting – With One Subscription

Why juggle multiple subscriptions when you can get both texting and voice calling in one affordable package? Unlike Textellent, a texting-only option, TalkNText gives you both business texting and business phone, integrated in a single-subscription app you can access from any connected device, anywhere and at any time. You can call or text customers and contacts from the same business phone number, giving you the same fluidity of communications you enjoy with your personal phone number. In one consumer survey, 93% of consumers said they want the option to call or text SMBs – exactly the flexibility you achieve with TalkNText.

2. TalkNText Lets You Share Numbers to Keep Your Entire Team in the Loop

Small businesses have a lot of plates spinning at once. That means they often have to cover calls for one another or step in when a colleague is unavailable. TalkNText makes this manageable through shared numbers.

With TalkNText, you can connect your entire team through the same phone number, just as you would if you were in the same office using a common landline – but better, because it’s mobile. Sharing a number lets everyone keep track of common tasks or jobs. Anyone on the team can answer calls or respond to texts in a timely fashion using the same number, so you don’t confuse the customer. Users can also program their own personalized signature when sending texts, adding a more personalized touch to written communications. Shared numbers simply make customer service more seamless.

3. TalkNText Lets You Customize Call Routing and Ring Options

Why send every caller to the same customer service department or voicemail when you can direct him or her to the specific help needed? TalkNText’s smart call routing capabilities let you better manage incoming calls. Use advanced ring ordering to dictate when your number is available versus when it’s muted or unavailable at the end of business hours. Activate call forwarding to receive calls even when away. Or use the IVR/Auto-Attendant to direct callers to the right person or department depending on their needs. This complete menu of call management tools is not available with Textellent.


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4. Both TalkNText and Textellent Offer Features Businesses Use Most

Business texting needs to be more versatile than standard SMS so it can cover all the ways you need to communicate with your customers and staff. TalkNText and Textellent cover all the bases with capabilities like:

  • Scheduled messaging
  • Text auto-replies
  • Templates
  • Keyword detection and reply
  • SMS broadcasts

In addition to powerful business texting features, TalkNText also offers AI-powered call screening, which lets you know who is calling and the reason for their call so you can determine whether to answer, text a reply or ignore the call if it’s spam. It’s the first unified communications service to offer this service.

With all these features at hand, businesses can access best-in-class technology to maximize efficiency, expand creativity and reduce costs. It’s perfect for day-to-day operations as well as marketing, recruitment, sales, customer service and orders/shipping and more.

5. TalkNText Goes Beyond SMS Marketing to Unify All Business Communications Needs

TalkNText is a unified communications app, meaning it consolidates all aspects of business communications in one centralized location and under one business phone number for both voice calls and texting. That ensures that everyone on your team can log into the app, view a consolidated communications stream from wherever they are and take action, while keeping others in the loop. You can easily dispatch a team when a customer call comes in, even if they are out in the field. Or you can smoothly step in to manage colleagues’ accounts while they are out on vacation. You can imagine all the applications for your own business scenarios.

Textellent, on the other hand, is focused more narrowly on SMS marketing. You could certainly use it for that purpose and cover your other bases with additional apps, but why juggle multiple subscriptions (and extra costs) when you can get all your business communications needs met with TalkNText?

6. TalkNText Plans Cost Less and Include Both Calling and Texting Capabilities

TalkNText’s affordability factor makes it the clear winner for businesses looking to counter inflation with wise expense management. The Startup plan includes both texting and voice calling for two users, which will leave you with money in the bank compared with Textellent and other text-only providers. And then you’ll have to add a voice plan on top of it, which can add up fast.

In addition, TalkNTexts plans give you unlimited team calls, team messaging and the ability to add team members as your business grows, perfect for every ambitious SMB.

Need More Convincing? Give It a Try

Here’s one more advantage: TalkNText offers a free 7-day trial to let you test drive all the features and see how business texting can help turbocharge your goals and strategies for 2023. Just click here to quickly setup your trial account, then download the app and get started using the service – easy!

Or, let us answer your questions. You can  reach us here to set up a time to talk.

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